Luxury Boudoir Mask and Accessoires

Opulent necklaces silk and gold laces (France), matching historical inspired wardrobe, purple/black ribbon, gold laces

160 EUR
An opulent necklaces, matching historical inspired wardrobe, but also to simple blouses and shirts.

Comprising lace from France, satin ribbon (collar ), satin ribbon black outside and purple inside.
All sewn with love and hand

Size / Dimensions 

Lenght: cm. 35,5 / 13,97"
Wide satin ribbon (double) cm. 5 / 1,96"
Wide satin ribbon with lace cm. 15 / 5,09"

materials used:
Lace (made in France)
satin ribbon (collar)
bronze beads(pearls)


Customisation options
All my lace collar are individually manufactured according to my design. What is offered here is done. If you have special wishes ... just email me