Luxury Boudoir Mask and Accessoires

Haut Couture Sleep jewel mask quilted with beads and italian ivory lace, silk, pure luxury for a Queen, blindfold.

130 EUR
This is one special edition sleep mask: "Versaille". 
Thinked for a woman who is a Princess or a Queen!
My intention in creating this jewel mask, is to create an atmosphere luxurious and make every woman feel like a real adored and desired Queen.

You'll find nowhere a jewel like this.

The front of this eye jewel mask comes in emerald green silk ; italian ivory laces were sewed and on the laces were sewed white pearls (3 different measures) accompained by golden and white lttle beads, ensuring no light enters.
The front is decorated with beads (gold) and beautiful venetian (italian) luxury laces.
For the back I used satin quilted.
Front and back are joined by a coordinated satin ribbon.
And to finish off this little beauty :the two lateral bands/ribbons (approx. 15" / 53cm each) allow to wear the mask comfortably designed for most size head . We do not use elastic adjustable because, from personal experience, metal or plastic disturb during sleep by pressing on the head.
You'll feel like I am in heaven! Queen Heaven, totally luxury!
For the series "Versailles" I was inspired by the France of Louis XIV, the Sun King: in his court to Versailles, intrigue and erotic in a setting of decadent and unbridled luxury.

Blindfold for play before or after midnight.

Photograph: Madame Charlotte

The mask mesures (approx.):
heightat longest points including trim (lace or pleated ribbon) 5,7" / 14,5cm
widht at widest point including trim (lace or pleated ribbon) 8,5" / 21cm
Every singel mask is hand cutted, sewn, designed, decorated (with love): every single mask is a unique piece like no other!
All sleep masks has been designed (by me) and carefully crafted by hand.

All masks come in a drawstring storage bag.This mask included also a big adeguate silk bag similar to that showed in the pic (approx. height 12,3"/36cm and widht 10,8"/27cm) that you'll be able to use not only for the sleeping mask but also for your jewellery or lingerie.

Hand wash in cold, lay flat to dry.

This mask can be reserved (Front side laces/beads and design remain same. Back side remain same: satin quilted, as well as sizes) with front:
PLEASE CONVO ME FOR THIS MODEL telling me wich color/nuance you need for the front (I'll satisfy your expectation!

♥Black (with black or cognac lateral bands, and black or cognac satin ribbon)
♥Cognac/beige (with cognac or black lateral bands,and cognac or black satin ribbon)
♥Champagne/light beige (with cognac or black lateral bands, and cognac or black satin ribbon)
♥White (with white lateral bands, black or white or blue french floral lace and white satin ribbon)
♥Burgundy (with burgundy or black or cognac lateral bands, and cognac or black or burgundy satin ribbon)
Please contact me to be sure to order the right one.

I offer more than 30 different models and sizes that can be customez in more then 200!
You'll get not only a special design/couture Diva sleep mask handmade done with sophisticated materials...they will be absolutely unique...just for you!
Take a look to the other prototypes: 

This item is made to order especially for you and shipped in approximately 1-2 weeks. 
I thank you for your patience in advance.
All items arrive in a padded envelope. I also include care instructions. Perfect for gift giving!

It is then shipped by Deutsche Post (German Post Mail) or Poste Italiane (Italian Post mail), with shipping times varying from country to country.


I CAN do wholesale. Wholesale usually starts at 8 or more items and a minimum of 400€. Wholesale discounts vary based on quantity ordered.

Silk (benefits):
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The interruption or failure of sleep can:

severely weaken the immune system;
speeding up of two to three times the growth of tumors:
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result in a pre-diabetic, with serious repercussions on metabolism and body weight;
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Sleep in complete darkness or as complete as possible, taking care to eliminate or minimize
any light source, even the smallest, especially if artificial in nature is very useful:
In fact, the light inhibits the production of serotonin and melatonin by the pineal gland,
while if it works well it reduces the risk of cancer.
Because circadian rhythms are respected is necessary to switch the daylight with darkness
Full overnight.