Luxury Boudoir Mask and Accessoires


My name is Charlotte aka Mad Ama Cha. I lived for years traveling and working in Europe, not only in big cities like Rome or Florence, or Instambul and Paris, London and Berlin, but getting lost looking for a castle or a church or a forest or special fabrics. From these experiences I draw inspiration to develop and create models of masks for sleeping. It 'started to play a little, I use sleep masks and rarely found models truly unique and special. They collect all kinds of things including: lace and fabrics, silks and brocades, pearls and accessories. Not finding what I could meet ... I started to produce prototypes for sleep masks inspired luxuries baroque court of Versailles or to the glories of the "Thousand and One Nights", the elegance of the Florentine Renaissance motifs and also the decline of Boidoirs without forgetting the functionality of urban style. I choose among the materials matching the style to the comfort and quality. The creations were finished by a professional fashion designer friend who helped me in the realization.
I made over 200 prototypes! Well ... I can not wear them all!
That's why I decided to offer them not only in certain Lingerie Boutique but also on the Web. Each sleep mask, also the most luxurious and elaborate, is designed to becomfortable and functional.
A sleep mask, made entirely by hand, unique, with materials such as silk or satinfabrics, to block the light or for imaginative games ... .                 

You can also visit the amazing Anphea haute Couture website: